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Erotic Lactation Fetish

What is Erotic Lactation Fetish?

Erotic lactation pertains to an individual attaining sexual arousal by sucking on a female’s breast or breastfeeding. The practice is depended on the circumstances which can be referred to as adult nursing, adult sucking and adult breastfeeding. Someone who practices the activity may also refer to themselves in an adult nursing relationship.

Erotic Lactation

Lactophilia or milk fetishism is medical terms for a type of fetish called paraphilias.   

Physiological Effect

Breasts particularly the nipples are the area of the human body that has a high stimulation for sexual arousal for most individuals. It is considered as a near-universal prospect of human sexuality. Based from a theory, breasts provide a real and sexually stimulating feature of girlhood which may complete sexual options to attract men.

It is not uncommon that individuals engage from oral sex of the nipples to actual breastfeeding because it has been considered as a familiar expression of fondness and tenderness.

What is Breast Fetishism?

It is also refers to mastofact, breast partialism or mazophilia. It is also a type of partialism which calls for sexual interest in female breasts.

Explanation from the Scientists

Scientists Hypothesis

The hypothesis of sexual attraction through breasts is the effect of their purpose as secondary sex characteristics. Like for example, a group of British scientists hypothesized that cleavage is a sexual sign that appears like the illustration of the cleft between the buttocks.

Other scientists theorize that humans with enlarged breasts are only due to ovulation which attracts the attention of males.

The references and hypothesis to breasts fetishism also comes along in the modern world. This type of fetishism is an arrogated thought, idea, behavior or style that spreads the information from person to person within a culture. The breasts are mainly the intrinsic features that have formed to shape human sexuality rather that act as a maternal function.  

Varieties of Lactation Fetish

The following below are several methods to practice erotic lactation.

  • Lactation games – It is a teaching method created to provide breastfeeding education to obstetrician and gynecology program to impart the knowledge to the mothers  This game encourages learning experience while supplying information in a non-threatening environment. It is done with any type of sexual activity which includes the breast’s milk. After giving birth, the woman may experience a releasing reflex of the milk when sexually aroused.
  • Lactation pornography – It is considered a forbidden act because of its property of constituting incest. This method represents the breasts on not having milk and exists in the media in an erotic way of pornography.  
  • Adult Nursing Relationship – It is considered a lactating method done by the husband or long term adult partner. Some women want to experience deep emotional pleasures of breastfeeding. It is done by transferring regular sucking from their husband. It creates an ambiance of great intimacy and mutual tenderness even without sex. This process can have a strong bracing effect between the couples. Adult Nursing Relationship has also been applied in some cases where a mother is having difficulty lactating, and there are cases where breastfeeding was disrupted for a period of time because of medical problems like infant prematurity, infant absence or mother’s disease or illness. In this case, adult nursing has to keep and maintain until it was possible for the infant to resume breast feeding.  


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