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Hung Like A Horse?

Since the beginning man has always associated himself with his penis. This bond that he shares with Bicepshis manhood makes up his identity and his ability to procreate. Starting in his teenage years up to adulthood, man has this urge to play and fondle his best friend. That is, until the time he encounters the opposite sex, where he gets the chance to share his favorite toy.

Believe it or not men do have an obsession with their penis, the same way they have this thing with their biceps, and are in constant fear if their tool is not big enough. With this, the age old question “Does Size Really Matter?” to a man’s penis remains and raises doubts on whether or not this can have an effect on his sexual performance.

 The fact that most men find it uncomfortable to know they possess inferior hardware puts a stigma on their pride or self esteem. This condition is known as “Small penis syndrome" wherein a man’s perception with his tool is smaller than normal, but really it is not.Smiley

But what is inferior anyway,? For most men, they believe in the saying “it’s how you use it,” which is more important. With this they can tell if their partner is having a strong orgasm during a sexual encounter.

This takes careful observation especially on their body language. Notice the same reaction on a woman while she is masturbating. With one hand touching her vagina and the her other hand touching other parts of her body such as her breast.

With this, her moaning will be more frequent until she will be holding on to her other body parts such as her legs and abdomen. Upon reaching climax she will be having many spasms signaling a major orgasm.

However, others prefer to let the woman call the shots so they know exactly what will make their partner achieve the big “O.”


The average size for a man’s Women Laughingpenis is between 5.5 to 6.2 inches long while erect and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in diameter. Those that go below these measurements maybe considered small. 

Although, most women do not associate their sexual satisfaction on the aspect of size alone. Most of them would prefer the sex itself and the emotions that goes with it. 

Some even stated that a large penis can deter a woman’s orgasm and that hand stimulation as well as oral sex are more effective. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about it altogether.

For a better understanding Happy Coupleof this issue it’s best that we have a comparison on the Pros and the Cons of having a large penis. Here are just a some of them.


  • The ability to attract more girls is greater because of the belief that a man can provide better sex with a large tool.
  • The greater ability to perform many sexual positions that are often limited when one has a smaller penis.
  • The more likely to impregnate since it penetrates deeper into a woman’s vagina.
  • The chance to have larger pay if you are in the porn business.

Having a Hung Like A Horse isn’t all what it suppose to be. Here are some of it’s drawbacks.Unhappy Couple


  • This will depend with one’s partner, since there are women who can only take in a portion into their vagina causing dissatisfaction for both.
  • Women often complain experiencing pain in their cervix while having sex.
  • It causes problems to other organs, some women experienced problems in their gull bladder because of this.
  • Although not all, some men tend to be one dimensional with regards to their extraordinary tool, which in most cases is not appreciated by women especially those who are seeking real companionship.

Great sex should be a shared experience andDon't Cut no one should be left out of the experience or worse, be hurt by it. To obtain this goal; start with both being open to each others feelings, on how their sexual encounter should go. Each one should know their limits so that both can have a fair share of enjoyment with the experience.


For men, who have a regular size penis consider yourself fortunate, since you already have one of the requirements. With it you are assured that it will not in anyway interfere with the natural harmony, while having sex. Also it gives you a chance to satisfy your partner using your other tools that is equally potent and able to send her screaming until she reaches her climax.

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